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جراب جوال ضد المياه- waterproof mobile case

جراب مناسب لكل الهواتف الذكية يتيح لك اشتخدام الجهاز تحت الماء علي عمق حتي 10 أمتاريتيح لك استخدام الهاتف في التصوير تحت الماء

1.New generic Universal Waterproof Bag Case for Cell Phone / PDA
2.Waterproof up to 10 meters; dedicated soft TPU with tensile strength, acting as a buffer with drop resistance protection
3.Candy bar cell phone Waterproof cover, dust, sand, snow and wind resistant, anti-acid and alkali
4.The waterproof cover allows you to comfortably operate the machines function
5.Waterproof cover on the back of a transparent design, easy to use your camera functions
6.Float when falling into water
7.Fully expanded size: approx. 205 x 105 mm / 8.1 x 4.1 inches(Suitable for 5.5 inches below the mobile phone use)
8.Material: PVC
9.Protect your device against water, dirt and sand with this pouch
10.Made from High quality TPU soft material to keep your device safe and dry
11.Phone is completely accessible through the pouch with its transparent design
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